Hello! I'm a UX/UI professional currently designing enterprise file sharing and collaboration products at Axway. Before that I designed products at Accellion and at FastPencil where I redesigned the cloud-based publishing platform, designed book covers, and helped with product marketing. See work samples here. I have a varied background in design: I cofounded The Juice surfing magazine, created and ran the prepress workflow at West Marine and served as design and production manager at Envision Media and McDill Associates. Most recently I created keeptheapostrophe.com with my father. See more design & art here and occasional writings on UX and other subjects on Medium.

My UX Design process involves understanding scenarios and customer goals via discussions and sketching out ideas with product owners. From there I prototype, test and iterate based on feedback. I love discussing and testing with customers. Things I check for: is this useful, usable, understandable, beautiful? I collaborate closely with Dev and QA to build and test, then validate production version with customers.

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