matt biopic

Hi! 👋 I'm Matthew—I'm a lifelong artist, born in San Francisco and raised in Santa Cruz. I usually paint with acrylics on board or canvas. Surfing and the coast have been favorite subjects of my art ever since I was young. I draw inspiration from trips to Northern California, Big Sur, Hawaii, and beyond. Great art, excellent design, and web publishing are all passions of mine. I co-founded The Juice, a regional surfing magazine, and have designed a few book covers. Currently, I work as a Freelance Web & Graphic Designer. I can often be found in Santa Cruz Monterey surfing or hiking/biking around town, up the coast, or in the mountains. Here's me playing in the waves.

Email me if you're interested in buying an original or print, or want something custom.


  • is a site I made to keep my Mom's music available to hear and buy the sheet music - especially Songs of Self Esteem
  • is a site I made with my Dad to make some noise and help fix the issues folks with apostrophes (and anything else "non-standard") in their names face when using the web, signing up for apps and services, buying plane tickets, etc...
  • Medium: very occasional writings about surfing, design, etc.
  • The Juice - Northern California's Surf Magazine ... a surf mag I created with Eric Mitchell a long time ago. This site is a work-in-progress. Plan is to make all the old back issues from the available for sale. Ping me if that is of interest to you!!
  • My Digital Product Design portfolio site.
  • My LinkedIn