UX Story 3: Mobile email Attachment Open-in improvements

The flow starts with an email attachment on mobile phone. Jeanette presses and holds the attachment icon to trigger the open-in dialog and selects the app...no problem so far.

the problem

Next she is asked to choose a source — might be confusing since she's expecting to simply open a file.

Once the source is selected there's no obvious path to take. She ends up having to click the plus icon to continue.

After clicking the plus she chooses upload but is then asked to enter a file name to complete the task.

Finally the file gets uploaded but she ends up on the activities screen. Where's the file she just wanted to open in the first place?

the solution

A more elegant solution is to consolidate this flow into one screen. The file name is displayed and the destination is set to her default folder. She can change the file name and destination if she wants to but it's not required. The upload button is visible and unambiguous.

After a single click the file gets uploaded and opens as expected. Time to proofread!

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