Publishing Platform Product Design

At FastPencil I made a complete overhaul of the online publishing platform in order to improve the user experience and visual design. The added goal was to create a brandable platform that could be licensed to other book sellers who wanted to offer their own self-publishing service.

The original FastPencil was not very brandable for a number of reasons: Too many colors and no clear hierarchy of elements. Additionally there were usability issues: the ability to select from existing projects is lost within the other competing elements and the ability to start a new project was not clear.

The new dashboard in contrast is easily branded and has a simple and clear choice of actions: the primary being starting a new project while displaying clear access to all of the user's existing projects. The design is less intrusive and invites users to more easily engage with their own creations.

Outcome: Books a Million and On Demand Books have have both licensed the platform. They've each done some branding as expected but the product experience and much of the look-and-feel remains intact. Also Fast Pencil was acquired at this time based on the updated platform offering.

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