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Matt O'Leary (mattoleary)
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My Trip to Italy
My Trip to Italy is a short travel memoir. I had a chance to visit in 1987 and met many wonderful people.
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05/03/13 5:08:24pm (7 minutes ago)
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05/03/13 5:08:24pm (7 minutes ago)
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In Progress

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Cover design ideas available here
Who took the author's photo?'


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Cover design ideas available here
Who took the author's photo?'

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Original draft First-Draft.doc Matt O'Leary
Author Bio my-biography.doc Marcus Wright
My manuscript manuscript.pdf Matt O'Leary
Editor notes notes-from-first-read.doc Pam Farmer
Reviews Reviews-collected.doc Susan Rojas

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Naples Pizza pizza.jpg Matt O'Leary
Italian flag flag.jpeg Matt O'Leary
Naples coast naples-1.jpeg Matt O'Leary
Tower of Pisa tower.jpeg Matt O'Leary


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